Here are some of the programs that I use.

Luxology Modo – A complete 3D computer graphics program that specializes in subdivision surface modeling.

Pixologic Zbrush – 3D modeling package with lots of innovative features.  Wonderful for organic sculpting.

Newtek LightWave 3D – Another 3D computer graphics program.  Great for animation.

Adobe Photoshop – Great for image editing and digital painting.  This is a must have for a lot of creative industries.

Filter Forge – A plugin for Photoshop that creates procedurally based tiling textures.  Great for digital sculpting and texture work.

ACDSee – A photo and video editing program that specializes in quickly renaming, resizing, and organizing lots of picture and video files at once.

Unreal Engine 4 – A next gen video game engine with a quickly growing feature set, community, and documentation.

Wacom Tablet – A great input device for digital painters and sculptors.

Sony Vegas – Video and audio editing program.

Libre Office – A free word processing program that is complete with spreadsheets and slideshows.

Raw Therapee – This program is a free alternative to Adobe Lightroom.

Hugin – Stitch your panoramas together for free.  Sometimes it’s a bit buggy.

Alchemy – A random 2D shape generator.  Produces images that a psychologist might use to diagnose a patient, but artists can use it to get inspiration.

Freemind – Create mental maps of your thoughts in a visual way.  It is programmed with Java, so the maps are easy to export to a number of formats.

Quickman – Good 2D Mandelbrot set generator.  You can customize the colors and render images and movies.

Mandelbulb 3D – This 3D fractal program is easy to learn, has a huge community, and the fractals can be exported to polygonal objects.

Fiji/ImageJ – Use this program in conjunction with Mandelbulb 3D to import the fractals into your favorite 3D graphics program.

7-Zip – Free program that can compress and decompress zip files.


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